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Product information

vStick™ Internet Phone  4-01-2005

Product includes: USB port device, Headset

The vStick™ is a plug-and-play, portable key-chain sized device that inserts directly into the USB port of almost any desktop or notebook computer and some Internet –enabled PDA’s. The vStick™ contains the software and configuration program to instantly make domestic and international calls via the Internet, with the use of the included headset. Once the vStick™ is installed in the USB port, a dial pad display enables the user to call from the computer, using VoIP technology, to any telephone in the world. Subscribers to VoIP plans pay a fraction of the normal long-distance rates.

How it works:

1. Remove the cap from the vStick™.

2. Insert the vStick™ into any available USB port. (If your PC suggests a restart, select No) Please wait for up to 30 seconds for your computer to recognize the vStick.

3. Plug the Plantronics headset into your computer. The Red connector plugs into the "Microphone" port on your computer and the Green connector plugs into the "Speaker" jack on your computer.

4. Follow the on-screen prompts for loading & registering your vStick™.

Network Providers:

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